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When it comes to encapsulating the ethos and message of your brand, you need an engaging voice. That's where I come in!


Whether its walking potential customers through your latest explainer video, or packing a real punch into your next big internal communication, let me be the voice that gets your message across.


Want to take your next advertising campaign to the MAX?

Need a versatile voice over fully committed to your brand?

Want someone who can sight read copy at the drop of a hat, giving you a faster turn-around?

Look no further...


As a qualified educator I understand how to communicate often complex and (let's be honest) sometimes dull content to your learners.

Allow my warm, encouraging and authoritative voice to guide you...

Get in touch.


Its well known that Scottish voices are trusted by customers worldwide, which makes me the perfect choice for your on-hold system!


Let me be the one to keep your customers informed, and on the line!


I've always loved telling stories and reading aloud to others - I've even won awards for it!


Whether you're after a soft, soothing lilt for your latest novel, or a clear, confident narrative for some non-fiction, let me be the voice to lift your words off the page!


My audio editing skills mean that I can edit, mix, EQ, label and send your audio to you in exactly the specifications you require.


Want the raw unedited file?

No problem!

Want full compression, noise-reduction, trimming, mixing and anything else you can think of? Just let me know!

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